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TruONE ATS sharpens competitive edge for generator set manufacturer Zahid Industries

Advanced technology and responsive technical support help OEM win major orders to support expansion and upgrades to airports across Saudi Arabia.

ABB’s TruONE ATSTM continues to help customers secure new business, providing a competitive all-in-one solution with a host of commercial advantages. The technology played a key role in helping Zahid Industries of Saudi Arabia win a high-profile supply contract for generator sets to support airport upgrades and facility expansions across the kingdom.

The new TruONE is the world’s first all-in-one automatic transfer switch, incorporating the switch and controller in a single, compact unit that reduces wiring, connections, installation time and ensures best-in-class reliability. Performance tested beyond standard requirements, TruONE ensures the steady delivery of critical power at all times.

The TruONE’s predictive maintenance and modular components reduce downtime and service costs. Unlike conventional ATS solutions, TruONE allows emergency manual operation under load, permitting power to be restored immediately in the event of an equipment malfunction.

With TruONE integrated into their low-voltage panels – and world-class technical support from ABB – Zahid Industries was able to deliver a higher performance solution within the technical specifications and budget limitations set by the Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA). With GACA also requiring a custom bypass solution, ABB’s customer team supported the panel builder with the development of a cost-effective solution for local assembly.

Mr. Alaa Akra, General Manager at Zahid Industries, said: “The TruONE ATS stands out from the competition in every respect. By choosing the ABB solution, our customers achieved a significant cost saving and are benefitting from a type-tested UL ATS solution that will be more reliable and easier to service. At every step, the training and responsive technical support from ABB throughout the entire process has been exceptional.”

Atef Ben Ammar, Senior Product Specialist Engineer in ABB Saudi Arabia, said: “The TruONE ATS represents a major shift in engineering and a critical breakthrough for critical power. This advanced technology offers genset OEMs outstanding versatility, giving them a range of unique advantages that can be leveraged to outperform the competition, as well as offering additional cloud services and drive business growth. Whether it’s the 80 percent faster installation and programming times, the reliability or the space savings, more and more companies are winning with TruONE ATS and ABB’s global support on their team.”

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