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  • Indoor & outdoor applications, up to IP65 with ambient temperature 55 deg C.

  • Main busbar up to 7000 A

  • Rated voltage up to 690 V (Low Voltage) & 25KV (Medium Voltage)

  • Wide range of controllers offer using (DEIF, Terberg, Deepsea, Gensys, Comap), reliability – – and flexibility.

  • Gen-set controller for single or multiple generating sets operating in standby or parallel modes

  • Many communication options – easy remote supervising and servicing

  • Gen-set performance log for easy problem tracing

  • Automatic synchronizing and power control (via speed governor or ECU)

  • AMF function, Baseload, Import / Export, Peak shaving, Voltage and PF control (AVR)

  • Generator measurement, Mains measurement

  • Inputs and outputs configurable for various customer needs redundancy

  • Event-based historical record (up to 500 records) with customer-selectable list of stored values; RTC; statistic values

  • Integrated PLC programmable functions

  • Integrated fixed and configurable protections

  • Selectable measurement ranges for AC voltages and currents.



  • The source changeovers ensure, in an optimised volume, the energy availability in critical electrical installations:

  • Maximum continuity of service

  • Optimized energy management

  • Simplicity of the system based on pre-tested components

  • Switching of a main energy source to a replacement source, performed either manually or automatically, in LV electrical installations and in particular in:

  • Buildings: hospitals, banks, insurance firms, military installations, commercial buildings

  • Industry: continuous production line (chemicals, glass), mining, ship engine rooms

  • Infrastructures: airports, ports, railway installations, highway, water treatment, telecommunication

  • As per IEC 60439-1, IEC 60947-3 Standards

  • As per UL 1008 & CSA C22.2 NO. 178.1-14 Standards

  • Rated Insulation Voltage: 1000VAC

  • Rated Operational Voltage: 690VAC

  • Ratings:  up to 6300A

  • Degree of Protection: up to 54

  • ATS with single & Dual Bypass system

  • ATS with Mechanical & Electrical interlocking



  • Type tested as per IEC 61439-1 and -2

  • Local/ remote real-time access, and automatic restarting

  • Motor control up to 250 kW

  • Rated voltage up to 690 V

  • Thermal monitoring

  • Type 2 coordination

  • Protection degrees up to IP54

  • Withdrawable, disconnectable, and fixed functional units

  • Rear/ front access, top/ bottom connection, double-front access

  • Compliant with seismic 2G resistant versions

  • Segregation Form: up to 4b



  • MV switchgear for primary distribution up to 24 kV suitable for indoor installations.

  • Primary distribution up to 24 kV, 4 000 A, 63 kA.

  • Distribute electric power in a variety of demanding applications such as on off-shore platforms, in container or cruise ships, in mines as well as in utility substations, power plants or chemical plants.

  • Panels are available as a single busbar, double busbar, back-to-back or double level solution.

  • Product range of the Unigear MV Solution.

  • Rated voltage up to 24 kV; rated feeder current up to 4 000 A; rated short time current up to 63 kA / 1 s (50 kA / 3 s).

  • Key benefits of the Unigear MV Solution.

  •  24 kV, 4 000 A, 63 kA

  • Manufactured and supported on six continents

  • Approved for use in special applications such as marine, seismic and nuclear

  • Variety of demanding applications

  • Key features

  • Standards: IEC, CSA, GOST, GB/DL

  • Design: LSC-2B, PM

  • Internal arc class: A FLR

  • Highly customized versions available

  • Switchgear can be back to wall installed

  • Available in Digital version



  • Safety of persons, as well as reliability and continuity of service of the electrical installation

  • Power feeder up to 6300 A

  • Main busbar up to 7000 A

  • Rated voltage up to 690 V

  • Type tested system as per IEC 61439-1 and -2 up to 5000A

  • Isolated live parts up to IPxxD up to form 4b Type 6

  • Protection degrees up to IP54

  • Rear/ front access, top/ bottom connection, double-front access


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